Switching to Eco-Friendly Towels

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Embracing Sustainability: Why We Switched to Eco-Friendly Towels at DC Therapies

If you’ve been to DC Therapies, you’ll know that we do everything we can to be an eco-friendly health and wellbeing clinic.

Making a conscious effort to be more sustainable is the only way we can reduce our environmental footprint, and it’s great to see an increasing number of salons and clinics across the wellness sector taking steps to do their bit for the planet.

For us, it started with using natural products and vegan skincare in our treatments, and more recently, has seen us switch from cotton to disposable towels.

But how can a small thing like changing the towels we use make such a big difference?

Read on to find out…

Why switch to eco-friendly towels?

Swapping cotton for disposable towels not only contributes to a healthier environment, but also offers many benefits for both salon owners and clients.

Environmentally friendly

One of the biggest advantages of eco-friendly towels is their lower carbon footprint. Unlike cotton towels, which require significant water, energy, and chemicals for production and washing, single-use towels are typically made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or biodegradable fibres, so are a much greener option.

Additionally, they can be composted after use, further reducing waste and landfill buildup.


Maintaining a high standard of hygiene is vital when practicing health and wellbeing therapies. By using single-use towels, we can help prevent the spread of bacteria, keep our clinic pristine, and ensure clients enjoy a fresh, clean experience.

Convenient and time-saving

Switching to eco-friendly towels streamlined our in-clinic operations. Unlike traditional cotton towels, which need to be washed, dried, and folded after every use, disposable towels enable us to skip the entire laundry process.

This frees up valuable time to schedule in more of our clients, and allows us to focus on the important stuff – like providing an excellent service.


While the initial investment in eco-friendly towels might seem higher than buying traditional cotton towels, the long-term cost savings are huge. Salon and clinic owners effectively eliminate all water, energy, detergent, and labour expenses associated with laundering cotton towels.

In addition, by reducing the risk of stains and damage, disposable towels can extend the lifespan of massage tables and other wellness equipment, further reducing operational costs.


To minimise waste even more, we encourage our clients to take their eco-friendly towels home to use for other things before throwing them away.

Eco-friendly towels can be repurposed in many ways. Here are some useful ideas:

  • Sanitising surfaces
  • Wiping down equipment
  • Dusting car interiors
  • Cleaning or drying pets

Disposable is the way to go

Making the switch from cotton to eco-friendly towels makes complete sense for clinics and salons in the wellness space. For DC Therapies, our transition aligns with our sustainability goals, reduces our environmental impact, promotes hygiene, saves time and money, and serves our clients in many other ways beyond their treatments.

By prioritising planet-friendly practices, we know we’re doing our bit for a greener future and our clients.

Our preferred single-use towel supplier is EcoTowels. Made from natural materials, 100% biodegradable, and plastic, toxin and chemical-free – they tick all the boxes for DC Therapies.

To book one of our health and wellbeing therapies or treatments (with the option to take home your own EcoTowel!), head to our bookings page. 

About the author

Deborah Cunningham | Founder of DC Therapies | Health and Wellbeing Specialist

With a Masters in Complementary Medicine, Deborah’s purpose is to offer tailored holistic therapies and massage treatments designed to restore, relieve, and relax.

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